We now have a better way to cook, handle and market roast chickens.

An oven that;

  • Fast even bake, every chicken every time
  •  Is simple and safe to operate
  • Has excellent point of sale presentation
  • Has low energy use
  • Smallest footprint for capacity
  • Bi-products managed
  • Self cleaning with minimal chemicals and water use.
  • Easy to maintain with a long service life with minimal maintenance
  • Single or twin chamber

The Twin Chamber shares the one touch screen controller. Having two smaller chambers instead of one large oven, gives real benefits. One oven can be loaded ahead of the other, giving continuous baking on display. Heating costs are far less if smaller bakes are needed, as only one chamber needs to be heated.

The capacity of 30 birds per oven chamber, being the best ratio of capacity, floor space, work heights, and oven working access.

Simple, reliable design. The Roastrunner has a simple and efficient heating system. No wearing parts (bearings, motors) are in high heat areas. Our elements are a black heat for longevity. A single motor for each chamber drives the fans and rotation.

A modem installed in the oven allows operational data to be transmitted, providing service support with oven diagnostics. This modem can be connected to the in store customer Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port provided in the oven bay or using a data sim in the modem to provide internet connectivity. Some remote system adjustment is possible such as program upgrades and menu changes.

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