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Oven Steam Generation

Currently steam in ovens is almost universally made by spraying water onto the main heating elements. This has a detrimental effect on the heating ability of the oven, there is an excess of hot water that goes to drain from water sprays that were not converted to steam. Making the steam in this manner causes rapid expansion of the air in the oven, causing valuable hot air and steam to escape.

The system developed for Roastrunner is a ‘Flooded floor’. Flooded floor provides high volume steam that is controlled and measured, without the dangers of high pressure.

Another advantage of flooded floor is prevention of fat burning on the oven floor, keeping the oven floor clean and collecting the fats for potential bio diesel etc.

Fat Collection

  • The oven has its own fully integrated, inbuilt fat separator and storage system. The plumbing and separator tank are housed under the oven, and share the ovens electronics, reducing greatly, the complexity and cost.
  • The fat volume collected can be monitored and held until the end of day.
  • Everything fits within the ovens footprint confines. Just push in and pull out the storage vessel that holds one full days fat from back to back bakes.

Pictures demonstrates the pure and pourable product after separation process

Self Cleaning System

The self clean at day’s end aided by ‘off the shelf’ everyday dishwasher tablets, reducing the need for toxic chemicals and neutralizers. Our cleaning system recirculates water to reduce waste and provide high pressure clean.

NOTE: the Wishbone racking system leaves so little bird remnant behind, the clean up and rinse process is very effective. All areas are easily accessed for spot cleaning.

Patents – Technobake has two patent applications; one is for the oven the other is for the fat separator system.

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