Main Features

Unique Wishbone Racking System

Chickens own wishbone is the design clue to roasting chickens. The non stick wishbone rack system holds chickens in a simple way that permits thorough baking and heat flow all around the bird.

A unique method of loading, holding, baking, cooling, displaying and transferring chickens to bag.

Utilizing a racking system with flat trays for cooking other products. Provides full combi oven performance and product range.

  • The wishbone shape holds all sizes of chickens.
  • Loading and removal of the chicken from the ‘wishbone’ is so easy.
  • Immediate reloading onto racks.
  • Good presentation of chickens
  • Nominal leakage of fat onto floor and work areas
  • All of the bird goes in the bag, nothing needs to be left behind, even the seasoning.
  • Clear and unobstructed access is key to safe and fast transfer from rack to bag.
  • Low risk of burns from hot surfaces and dripping fat.
  • Fast clean up time at end of day.
  • The shape of the chicken is retained, the ‘wishbone’ avoids spreading and flattening of the cooked product.
  • Flat rack option for full product range.

The Unique Loader – all in and out in seconds

  • The Free spin hanging rack can be turned forwards or backwards by hand, for ease of loading and unloading.
  • Loading chickens is done outside the oven whilst the oven is heating to the optimum bake temperature.
  • The loader ensures a perfectly timed bake for all chickens; all in at one effortless load and at the right bake time, one easy unload.
  • Unloading outside the oven means minimum heat loss from the chamber and faster heat recovery after loading.
  • More comfortable and safer working environment for the staff; working outside the ovens heat.
  • NO heaving or moving or storage of trolleys and rack.
  • The easy rinse drip tray moves with the loader to catch any drips.

Wishbone racking system and the loader makes for easier loading, unloading and handling.

No reaching is necessary, just turn the rack.

Unique Baking Method

  • Heat is directed to where the bird needs it most with a unique air flow system.
  • Roastrunner gives every chicken an even bake every time.
  • We have a consistent bake results with repeatable bake times every time. Bake times are 52 to 70 minutes (depending on bird size – 1.2kg to 2.2kg) with consistent core temperature between 85 -88 degrees.
  • A simple press of the start button when loaded is all that is needed.
  • The touch screen has good visual display, event logs and service prompt and diagnostics.

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