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Our research and development activities are central to our ambition to gain the competitive edge by bringing new ideas to market that deliver maximum value for clients and simplicity for end users.

Paul Willett

Paul Willett, owner and founder of Technobake, is both an influential and historical figure within the baking industry. Bakery engineer, designer, inventor of the Rotel range of ovens and the Genesis bakery system, Paul has over 30 patents spanning decades of experience. His skills and motivations are linked to his heritage and the entrepreneurial opportunism of his time.

The Technobake Team

Following Paul`s direction the technobake team creates innovative ways of solving problems and moving forward with the Technobake vision.

Members of the Technobake team include Ashley Webb and Tim Buffton who have been working with Paul for over 20 years and are highly skilled in all areas of manufacturing, R&D, and delivering high quality products to market.

Technobake is a growing family with each new member delivering new technologies and modern methods to time honored technique and inventiveness.

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